Maintaining Motivation

Competition in any sport often drives athletes to go far past what they might originally have believed they could do, and their commitment to success is total. They are in the game to get the most out of their body and mind, so maintaining motivation is important. Getting up every day and facing a gruelling routine of physical work must be backed up with the will to succeed. Those who lose their need to compete and win may find it nearly impossible to push their body further, and it could side-line them when it is time to compete.

There have been times in the past when athletes have trained for years only to miss a specific competition due to lack of motivation. While it does not occur often, many have been the times when an external event has caused an athlete to be less than mentally ready to face a challenge. The death of a loved one right before a competition is often a devastating reality, and only the most determined athletes are willing to compete. While they may fail to win, their motivation at least helped them enter the contest.

Some motivations are external, and they can be taken away at a critical juncture. Competing to impress a loved one or potential spouse could result in a lack of motivation if the relationship goes sour. For those who count on only external motivations, the chances of success might be far fewer. Internal motivations such as the need to push their body or rise to a particular challenge are the ones that will keep an athlete going no matter what the external circumstances may be.

Competition at any level requires dedication for those who want to win, and maintaining the right motivations will keep an athlete training hard. When it is time to compete, their internal motivations are generally what will help them do their best, and that is when they have a real opportunity to succeed.